Ceaseless Feasts

Assessing what I have to offer and how to offer it.

As always, I need to buckle down and give some specific structure to approaching and using my system… trying to work it in around other conversations that started with religion or politics has proved to be actually damaging rather than positive. So I need to create an environment where the system is the subject, and we explore how the reality is reflected and affected by the subject… rather than the current tack of having it be a new theory threatening some particular sacred cow. The website needs to provide an entry to what I’m thinking and how I’m developing this system.

I also want the site to be an index for myself, and a resource for others, on topics I feel are important. I am still feeling my way on how to best do this. I must face the fact that I am a relic these days… I’d much rather read a page of text than watch a video. With that in mind, I reluctantly admit that I am currently most active on my forum… a form of communication that seems largely abandoned on today’s internet. I am willing to explore other options for this, but it’s my best answer, right now, to make things happen. Things are starting to happen in the Atari area… and I expect more to follow as I get my feet under me on this.

For my own sake at least, here’s the most important things I want to work on. Setting up an Atari 8-but test environment in the garage lab. Connecting the Falcon to the audio network. Powering up a Windows machine in the garage lab.

Finally, streaming is something I have to explore. Whether it’s music, retro computing, or society hacking, I need to learn what I can offer streaming, and what it can offer me.

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