Beleaguered Phoenix 2023

Welcome to my latest rise from the ashes of my own self-inflicted immolation.

Bask in the familiar warmth of having to create a new forum user… old user db burned down.

Feast on the schadenfreude of broken image links, cast aspersions upon the author until he fixes or removes these abominations.

Beyond that, demand regular updates to the site. Help me… be me.

There will be a more formal introduction to the problems I believe I am solving, and to both the methods I’m using to solve them and the process by which I arrived at the system’s current incarnation, right now suffice to say that I am trying to encourage personal action; inform, educate, and plan those actions; and encourage the participation of others in those actions (equally good, to find existing flows to apply my actions valuably).

So, some weeks later, I discover I have not yet published this snippet. Well enough, altogether, I think, as I’ve accumulated a nit more direction that is still perhaps bereft of new content… so let’s stick it here.

First off, without trying to be inscrutable; there has been a low-level change in the way I look at myself and my place in this life. Suffice to say that I was trying my hardest to be a part of a group that did not actually exist… now I have a renewed appreciation for bolstering and enriching the self, as both a resource when other groups fail, and as a point of strength to offer new groups.

So the website has a new look already… a bare and sparse one, as I figure out how to best present things. The forums are running, and that’s where most of the new content might be showing up for a while, because for better or worse, forums are a format I’m comfortable with, and I can access from just about any machine or device I’m working on. Of the longtime interests/hobbies I’ve had, computers and videogames are what is left after a number of financially-inspired past purges; so I’m starting to figure out what I have and what it is good for. The hardware section of the forums will have entries for the different machines I’m working on, and notes on what I’m doing. This is an ADHD buffer… I lose interest and walk away from things, only to come back to them to have forgotten where I was. Keeping the forums nearby and open can offset that.

The three areas I need to explore and suss out are performing, selling, and teaching. All of these are paths to my making a legitimate living in this world. Performing includes finding outlets to share my music and music-making with others, and finding venues to cook and serve food. Selling is a multi-faceted goal: obviously, there is both space and extra funds to be had from eBaying or WooCommercing stuff I’m not using but someone might; but also, I need to find more comfort in the concept of selling myself, my ideas, my methods. Finally, reaching and connecting with others, teaching the things I’ve learned and learning new things to teach.

Things should change. It looks like I have the means and the plan, the final missing parts are the actions themselves. I expect to see more flesh given to the hardware entries in the forum, and more entries, in general. I expect to see some kind of regular music performance, and an accompanying construction of a library of performances. I expect to see some structure applied to the presentation of the AAAs; flowing, growing, and showing; and the new religion, politics, and capitalism that framework suggests.

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