About jj.c

The intent of jjewell.com is to tell what will hopefully be a tale of true redemption and turning life around… and what tools and methods I use to accomplish that.

I first registered jjewell.com in 1996. The address has led to several different hosts running multiple types of software covering a multitude of topics. The website has paralleled my own interests and life conditions.

So it is no surprise now that the website is a resetting affair… replanting areas that once grew and corralling those areas that ran amuck in the meantime.

One focus of the website is using technological tools to create habits, enact plans, and improve lives… in particular, lives that deal with depression, ADHD, and anxiety.

The great interests of my life have been music, sports, comics, and computers. These will become focus points in their turn as I spelunk my physical and mental inventories, making the most of what I find.