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      Trying to make my website reflect my life.

      There’s a new homepage… using the weblog as a homepage didn’t reflect what I wanted to be working on. I currently hate what that homepage looks like, but I’m cogitating on what I’d like better.

      I’m also making the website contents line up in parallel with my tasks and projects in OmniFocus. Again, I want the website to be an invitation to what I am working on now, while being an archive of the things I’ve deemed worthy.

      Minecraft seems to be the hot topic of the moment… if only because upgrading to an M1 Mac and the sudden absence of the folks I’d been playing with have meant that my music is in something of a stasis, right now. I am also literally running out of space to “work” on much of anything, so tech and Atari are in a holding pattern, as well.

      I need to view the impedance of motion in certain areas as an opportunity in others. I need to be on this site more often, with more effect.

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