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      At the moment, this forum is the one that is, or at least probably should be, the most important to me.

      Taking a step back from it all, it seems to me that perhaps the most basic problem facing humans today is that of religion (and politics, but in the way I’m considering the topics, one’s politics very much builds on one’s underlying religion… and many of the basic problems of politics are the same basic problems of religion, re-stated outwardly.

      The basic problem I see is that all humans are alike in that they are presented with two fundamental quandaries: who am I, what is my place in this unfathomably immense universe where my powers seem insignificant; and how do I live among all these others with their own ideas of their place in this unfathomably immense universe… and that it is the answers to those two fundamental questions that determine first our religion, then our politics… but that our culture forces both a Religion and a Politics on us before we even understand the questions these constructs are supposed to answer.

      I feel as though this “assigning of teams” before we can understand what the teams even stand for, and our tendency to attach to history and our own suuroundings has left us in a place where we are more concerned with WHO is right than WHAT is right. Technological advances mean that it is possible to find “evidence” supporting almost any hypothesis imaginable, when framed appropriately.

      An aside, I don’t know how many Trump voters I’ve spoken to that don’t seem to support any of the actions taken by the former president, yet voted for him twice simply because “Capitalism good, Socialism bad,” despite being confronted with the horrors inflicted on humans in the name of profit; and the advantages provided by a common goal or meeting a communal enemy. To be clear, Joe Biden is not significantly moving the country away from the cursed path, and I have had similarly frustrating conversations with Democrats who don’t agree with Biden’s actions, but voted for him simply because “He’s not Trump.”

      I think both parties can do better… I fear neither party listens to me when I ask from within, “what can we do better?” I fear our connection with what we grew up assuming “Republican” and/or “Democrat” meant has blurred our view of what these organizations have actually been working toward, and that we fight for our side because of community and comfort, rather than right or responsible.

      I’d like for this forum to be the most active place on my website, in the coming months. I believe I have established a framework for looking at individuals and their actions with an understanding of the different answers that can be valid as an individual’s religion and politics, and that the ultimate answer is not converting everyone to a single history or culture, but finding how our differences strengthen and empower us on to something greater.

      My religion is how I find a place in this universe. My politics is how I work with the people in this universe.

      My politics cannot be to destroy the religion of others.

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