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      I guess the first 8-bit opportunity presenting itself is the state of my 256 modded 800XL. It works… in general.

      The output, composite monitor or switch box output, is monochrome for awhile… until something warms up enough, I guess. If I succeed in posting the picture I just took, you can see it outputting nice color to a Commodore 1702. Also, not all of the keyboard seems to be perfectly responsive… and the left shift key is being outright bullheaded.

      So this is clearly the best candidate for a jjATRrefurb… or to help define what that means, anyway. I shall use SYS-CHECK, SALT cart images on an AVGcart, and I’ll find some reason to take the FujiNet to it, as well.

      Now that I think about it, my own original workhorse 1050 starting acting out the last time I tried it… also a good opportunity to figure out my drive testing station.

      And finally, I’m realizing that this entry is going to end up bezing heavily edited, as it is going to provide the template for the HRD hardware entries.

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