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      This is the second board I’ve come across with no posts at all. So comes the question of its continued existence.

      As with neocapitalism, I want to keep neofrugal. In parallel ways to the traditional religious, political, and capitalist systems we now endure, it seems to me our very value system has become uncalibrated. I want to examine in more depth what is actually important to spend extra money on, and where a dollar can be wisely and safely saved.

      I had a website at the address neofrugal dot com for several years, started a few different series of reviews and articles along the way. I may have limited my thinking on this neofrugal board by thinking about emulating earlier content from that site, when the real new content is literally before my eyes.

      Unlike starting a business, even in these trying times I am still buying gas and groceries, paying mortgage and bills. Questions of neofrugality come up around me all day.

      I pledge to be more aware of the neofrugality in my Actions, and to do better about noting points of interest in my Archive.

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