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      Recently received my newest toy from Eastern European origin, an AVGcart, as mentioned elsewhere, I’ve already got a fresh copy of SpartaDOS X 4.49 on there, and it’s booting my 320XE workstation. Granted, the only “work” I’m currently doing on real iron is writing… so Last Word writing environment, it is.

      Now that I’ve got that one checkmarked, I’m thinking about what else to do with these new capabilities.

      I may have also tried a couple (ahem) dozen game files, as well, to generally solid, and occasionally spectacular, results. Millipede 1984 is just about a perfect twitch game. So revisiting dozens to hundreds of old games is on the horizon.

      More practically, though, I want to put together an AVGcart configuration with SDX virtual cartridge and testing programs on virtual disks 1-4, to use as a follow up to putting the SYScheck to the entire collection. If everyone is coming outside, might as well give them a workout.

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