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      There… may be a band happening. I am having fun playing music with a person who, like myself, has made money at music in the past and is ready to do it again.

      My task, should I choose to accept it, is to contribute to the cover song catalog of this this new band (I have to admit that one of the very favorite compliments I received from a fan as a member of Paris Mountain Ramblers was praise for our song selection. If nothing else, I hope to equal my performance in those days with the work I’m doing here). Here’s what I remember using playing in our first two nights of discovery.

      Belated Promise Ring (Iron and Wine) [C form, capo 2 to D]
      Cody, Cody (Flying Burrito Brothers) [D]
      Driver 8 (REM) [Em]
      I’ve Got a Match [D form, capo 2 to E]
      On The Border (Al Stewart) [Fm]

      Torn and Frayed (Rolling Stones) [A]
      Driver 8 (REM) [Em]
      Only The Song Survives (John Hiatt) [G]
      If I Can’t Change Your Mind (Sugar) [NEEDS FAKE SHEET]
      On The Border (Al Stewart) [Fm]
      Withered and Died (Richard Thomson/(c)Elvis Costello) [C form, capo 2 to D]

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