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      So, what’s cool is that I’m posting this from the garage data center… my title for the pile of outdated tech in my garage… without resorting to the cell phone. Win95 machine running ethernet from a Mac PowerBook G4 sharing its wifi connection to the home network.

      This machine will likely be the server connection for Atari 8-bit and ST machines… and other period machines as I expand on my historically imposed prejudices. The changing of historically imposed prejudices is what it’s all about, I suppose.

      So, I believe I own the greatest Mystery Science 3000 tape ever, with Comedy Central era copies of Catalina Caper, Pod People, and Rocketship X-M taped over the air on a Maxell HGX-GOLD120. God bless Twiki. I am coming to terms with archiving versus converting, with what needs to be protected and interpreted into the future, versus what needs to be remastered and oversampled to preserve the past.

      Live it. Give it further life.

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