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      I am gardening.

      I am looking out over my fields, plots, and orchards, and performing triage on what needs the most help to be saved, eliminating what really can’t be saved, at this point… and slapping on the required band-aids to keep the rest moving forward a while longer. My neocapitalism board has borne no fruit, but I’m going to try a little fertilizer and keep an eye on it for awhile.

      As seen in many other areas of my website, I fear we have built a set of systems that encourages and rewards some of our worst instincts and behaviors. “Changing everything about how we look at everything” is not a good “first steps” item, so in many ways, I have determined to show the way by example, thus my church and my political party.

      One other way I intend to demonstrate “the way it should be” is through my businesses. Working in many different environments over the years has given me looks at “the system” from quite a few different angles, and there are many things that I intend to do differently, to demonstrate can, should, and must be done differently to continue the advancement of humanity.

      Many of capitalism’s pitfalls come disguised as “financing.” Being reluctant to consent to traditional loans or other contracts, and having amassed… little… after years of failing to find a place to thrive in and around traditional employers, I have not given myself many options to kick-start this thing with a pile of cash. Getting some more basic financial foundations in place is a priority right now, so there has been little mind-wandering on what neocapitalism should like.

      SO the board is here because I do think it’s an important aspect of my life and what I need to be doing… even if I haven’t evolved to this level, quite yet.

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      Fertilization perhaps begetting a sprout, here, let’s consider Where To Start with neocapitalism.

      My basic problem, in every job that where a problem came up, was that the employer expected me to do something unethical, inhumane, or oftentimes even outright illegal, in the name of profit. There are even a couple of stories where I’ve changed my outlook on what is “unethical,” along the way. But ultimately it comes down to my sensation that these people would ultimately bury me if that would pay off for them in the end, in some fashion.

      I find I can’t trust many Americans, when their allegiance is so demonstrably toward the dollar over principles of morality and living as a social creature. But I also find I can’t hold them directly and individually accountable for some “failure” on this measure, as deciding to make the best of the system presented to you sure seems like a valid survival tactic.

      So I understand. But I still wish more people were more bothered by these problems. In my mind, the obvious reason more people don’t leave jobs that don’t serve them is that they see no other alternative. I am currently my only employee, but even now I am building everything I do with the intent of attracting and keeping employees, of creating a place where people want to come work.

      As far as what huge changes, dramatic reversals of course, and black and white lines of demarcation between the old way and My Way, I got nothing. I’ve come to the conclusion that’s it’s more complex than simply finding some set of rules to enforce, some collection of switches that need to be turned on or off and walked away from. Plucked from another part of my life, I picture these things as a music mixing board of dials and groups and levels… I don’t have a list of things to always or never do, I have a set of options that can be adjusted to best meet the changing needs of life.

      Alright, that seems to be the brain dump for now. Baby steps.

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