jj.c tools

This is a list of the tools I actually use.  I paid end-user price for all of these programs.


Mac OS X and iOS (Safari, iBooks, iTunes)

At this point in my life, I am most comfortable in the Apple ecosystem.


Launch Center Pro (iOS) and Launcher (iOS)

Launch Center Pro and Launchet are my iOS shortcut interfaces.  Automate common commands.


Drafts (iOS) with Speechy Lite (iOS)

Drafts is my iOS text capture tool.  Takes text input and sends it anywhere. Speechy Lite takes dictation of any length and feeds it into Drafts for me.


VSCOcam (iOS)

VSCOcam is my iOS photo capture tool.  Takes pictures and sends them anywhere.


Editorial (iOS)

Editorial is my iOS text editor.


Evernote (cloud, OS X, iOS)

Evernote is my clippings archive.  Keeps track of all the digital notes I take.


Flickr (cloud, iOS)

Flickr is my bulk photo archive.  Keeps originals of all the photos I take.


500px (cloud, iOS)

500px is my photography portfolio.  Keeps final edits of my best photos.


Quicksilver (OS X)

Quicksilver is my OS X shortcut interface.  Automates common commands.


OmniFocus (OS X, iOS)

OmniFocus is my project organizer.  Keeps track of ongoing efforts to improve my self and world.



YNAB is my personal finance software.  Keeps track of family expenses and income.


Scrivener (OS X, iOS)

Scrivener is my editor and librarian for long form writing.  Keeps ideas and drafts of articles.


Lightroom (OS X, iOS)

Lightroom is my editor and librarian for photos.  Categorizes photo library.


Photoshop (OS X)

Photoshop is my pro editor for photos.


Reaper (OS X) and GarageBand (OS X and iOS)

Reaper is my pro editor for multi-track recordings. GarageBand is simple and portable.