What do you mean by “retrogaming?”

I was 12 the Christmas of the Atari 2600. We actually already owned a video game when the Atari came to our house, an original Magnavox Odyssey that I can’t believe we sold in a garage sale somewhere along the line. So I’ve been playing these games as long as I’ve been playing games… it’s just that at some point, it became “retrogaming.”

I do still have our first Atari 2600 woodgrain “Heavy Sixer,” and it still runs. I have a page dedicated to my Atari (and assorted other vintage) hardware.

But ever since I got an Atari 7800, into which you can insert 2600 cartridges and have them just work, I haven’t revved up the 2600… except every so often just to ensure I can still properly make the claim it still runs. I played my 2600 games on a different machine. There’s a lot of silicon between there and here, but mostly what I mean by retrogaming is emulation: playing those pioneering games on whatever modern gadget we have handy.

Emulation on Mac OS X

Two great software projects are the core of my emulation habit, OpenEmu and Atari800MacX. Stella and Hatari are also important parts.

Some of the better ROM library resources I’ve found include,, and of course

I wrote a short guide for getting started with OpenEmu on Mac OS X.