Kennesaw, GA – afternoon

Well, the rain and Bell Atlantic conspired to keep me from getting back on schedule.  If you ever try to take a cell phone out of town, interrogate your service provider, using all means of torture available to you, to make them ‘fess up to any secret codes or IDs or PINs you’re going to need.  You have to have a PIN to use the phone in the Atlanta area.  How do you get a PIN?  Call your service provider.  How do you call your service provider?  With a PIN.  Arrgh.  Luckily, a helpful woman at Bell South Mobile (absolutely no relation to Bell Atantic Mobile, of course, even though they use the same logo and advertising materials, which is what attracted my attention to stop in there in the first place.  But I digress…) made the long distance call on her dime and was able to get me what I needed.

But that took a lot longer than I had budgetted for, and the rain got harder and I decided I didn’t want to hook up the Tracker in that mess.  Besides, I’ve got a computer hookup here, which I’m learning might not be as ubiquitous as I had thought.  Even farther out beside that, I think I’m going to treat myself to dinner at the OK Cafe (I’ll be thinking about you, Zywick).

I expect to be in Nashville tomorrow night, and Memphis the night after that, although I might spend some extra time in Nashville and get back to the schedule somewhere around Denver.  I also expect to do a third update later tonight.

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