Kennesaw, GA – late night

Last update from Georgia.  I realize that not much has gone on, particularly not much that was worthy of three updates in a day, but I’m still figuring out how this whole process is going to work.  I was hoping to have phone hookups to the RV, but apparently those are pretty rare, but available if you look hard enough.  At least this place had a modem jack in the office:  I had to download mail and upload the web pages while standing there at the check-in counter.

The good news is that I’ve worked out a system for minimizing the amount of time actually on the modem while still getting mail answered and the web updated in a relatively timely manner.  I’m writing this around midnight the 27th, and will post it the morning of the 28th before I hit the road for Nashville.  Not too bad.  Now the question becomes what will my access look like from the Volunteer State.  Stay tuned…

What I learned in Kennesaw, GA:

1.  Cell phone salespersons do not always tell you what you need to know back when you bought the damn thing.  But other cell phone salespersons will go well out of their way to help you, including making long-distance phone calls for you, even when they know they’re not going to make a dime off of you.  Good luck determining the difference at first glance.

2.  The OK Cafe is every bit as fantastic as I remember it being.  After stuffing myself with country fried steak, macaroni and cheese (six different cheeses.  The words “that’s just too much cheese” have never left my mouth, but the temptation was there), and whole kernel corn (many of the kernels were still in rows from where they were freshly sliced from the cob), I decided to have a little dessert.  It would have been more fair if they had actually written “Piece of Chocolate Cake as big as your Head” on the menu, so a person would know what he was in for (can anyone rewrite that sentence for me so that it doesn’t end in a preposition?).  There’s a French phrase for being stuffed that translates to: “My back teeth are bathing in it.”  That’s just precisely how I feel right now…

3.  I need to buy an umbrella.

4.  A change of scenery can be good creatively.  I’ve had a song sitting around that had refused to let me write any more lyrics for it.  I liked the music a lot, but after about a verse, the words ran dry.  I’ve been back to it off and on over the past year or so, but it stubbornly remained unusably abbreviated (why is abbreviated such a long word?).  Well, sitting here tonight I wrote that son-of-a-bitch the last verse it so richly deserved.  I almost broke out the four-track to get it on tape right away, but then I realized what time it was, how early I’m hoping to get going tomorrow and everything I need to do to prepare for that, and just how well packed the four-track and its associated cables are, and I decided that perhaps Nashville or Memphis would be a more appropriate place to record music (I understand they do a little of that in both places…).

That’s all for tonight.  Please drop me an email if you’re actually reading these, I’d love to hear from you, whoever you are.

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