Memphis, TN – afternoon

Yes, I’m walking in Memphis.

The RV seems much happier now, thank you very much.  It did set me back an alternator, a starter, and the labor to put them in, but, as I mentioned in my last report, better there than in the middle of the desert somewhere.

When planning the trip, I had thought about the possibility of driving at night, then sleeping in rest areas which are going to be much safer in the daylight.  Well, since I had to get up so early today, I stopped along the way to take a nap.  I soon realized my little plan was doomed.  Ever been in an RV in Tennessee in the daytime without electricity?  I’ve been in toaster ovens that were cooler, and damn near as roomy.  No way I’m gonna try that in a desert, nor even a prairie…

Once again, the KOA Kampground I’m staying at is modem-friendly during the store’s operating hours.  So this entry is going to be short, but I’ll probably do a longer entry tonight.  Just don’t expect to see it until after I get up tomorrow…

Oh, something I’m excited about:  Amazing Adventures, Vol. 1 No. 1, featuring Dr. Droom by Jack Kirby, 1st Marvel Silver Age Super-hero, pre-dating the Fantastic Four by 5 months, Good+ condition.  A hundred bucks.  Mine, mine, mine.

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