Memphis, TN – late night

I’m talking _really_ late night.  I’m talking well into tomorrow morning late night.

Today was a wonderful but exhausting day, and tomorrow I’ve got the longest single-day drive of my trip so far.  And I don’t know if it’s just me (my size makes an awful lot of life physically uncomfortable for me) or if they purposely design the driver’s seat in these things to be almost exactly the opposite of what you might consider comfortable.  The steering wheel is precisely the wrong distance and angle from the seat.  The gas pedal is diabolically positioned so as to place maximum stress on at least two major muscle groups in the right leg.  The height of the arm rests ensures an awkward carpal tunnel situation.  And the best air conditioning vent is located such that anything in the cup holder will deflect the cool air everywhere away from you.

The gist of all this is that I’m not really up to writing an update tonight.  On top of wanting sleep, I’m rather creatived-out at the moment.  Perhaps Elvis himself was smiling on me, but after dinner (Marlowe’s, supposed to be the best ribs in Memphis.  They were good, but if these were the best in Memphis, you should really go to Cincinnati for ribs) I got out my guitar and my notebooks.  I wrote one completely new song, got a chorus and the verse melody for another new one, and finished one that I haven’t been able to write a final verse for over the past several months (second time that’s happened this week).

So when I get back, I’ll play you all the tape, and perhaps you can forgive me for this lapse.

But tomorrow’s a travelling day, and travelling days have been good for update writing so far.  So I owe you for Graceland, Sun Studios, The Peabody Hotel, and Mud Island (which is _much_ better than the name implies).  Don’t worry, I’m good for it.

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