San Diego, CA – afternoon

08/09/98 1:23pm PDT

San Diego, CA

Greenville SC to San Diego CA

3132 miles

14 days

11 campgrounds

4 mechanics

1 belt squeal that still won’t go away

0 air conditioners

And some other numbers that have stuck with me:

20 Tour Updates

115 degrees in the Mojave

56 degrees in the Caverns

6 rolls of film

2 cans of iced tea mix

4 bags of Double Chocolate Milanos

9 cheese enchiladas

2 pre-paid long distance calling cards

1 new song finished, 1 new song started, 2 old songs finished, 3 songs taped

3 rocks purchased

3 Denny’s meals (okay, I’m not real proud of this one.  And they were all roast turkey…)

72 emails from wonderful people

Musical references:

At some point on this trip I was:

“Goin’ to Graceland”

“Walkin’ in Memphis”

“Standin’ on a corner in Winslow, Arizona”

“Drive (ing) out to Barstow on the weekend”

Thanks to everyone who’s come with me this far, and particularly those who have been sending email.  For the next 9 days I will be homesteading here in San Diego for Comic-Con International, the single longest stop on the tour.  If you collect comics, you already know what it is, and if you don’t, I can’t explain it.  Just know that, whatever it is, it’s the biggest and best one of them there is.  I got to go a couple years ago, and it completely spoiled me for any other comic show.  I can’t tell you how excited I am to be back.

I’m still going to do regular updates, but they might take a decidedly geeky slant (although the Las Vegas/World of Atari ’98 updates might surpass these in that arena…).  Just another facet of my intriguing personality…

I’m going to go have a blow-out of a dinner.

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