jjewell.com 9.0

I keep telling myself I’m not going to number these things anymore. I keep doing it anyway for failing to come up with a better hook for the post announcing the next new look and/or direction for the site. Occasionally this progression has meant a change of format, often a change of design, and typically the promise of a certain type of content or other.

All I’ve got for you this time is philosophy.

jjewell.com was always intended to be my business on the internet.  It has taken many forms, but obviously never one that made me happy with it.  And I find myself involved with jjewell.com more and more away from my desk and traditional computer.  Plus I’ve learned a lot after going through these changes so many times.

We live in interesting times… the way we do business is fundamentally changing.  As in other areas of my life, I’m inspired by Benjamin Franklin, publisher.  The printing press has come to the people, and I want to help them work it.

jjewell.com will be built to show off the modern version of the printing press, and to help other people use it in their own lives.  It’s going to be closely linked to jeffjewell.net, jeffjewell.org and neofrugal.com.  It’s mostly going to be created using iOS devices.

I hope someone finds it of value.

Re-presenting The jjewell North American Tour 1998

I first established the jjewell.com domain in 1996.  I can’t really remember what it looked like, right at first, and neither does the Internet Wayback Machine.  But when 1998 brought the closing of the manufacturing plant where I was working and provided me with a severance package, my fledgling web empire became the home of my first weblog (although they weren’t even called that, yet… much less “‘blogs”), the story of the jjewell North American Tour 1998.

And actually, the Internet Wayback Machine doesn’t even remember what that looked like… but I do.  It was raw html coded in notepad.  At first it had a dark grey marble background image with bright text in blue, green, and yellow.  Yeah, I know: that didn’t even last the length of the tour, it ended up in more classical looking greys and navys by the time I returned home.

At any rate, those updates from a cross-country road trip contain some of what I consider to be my most entertaining writing, and I’ve wanted to repost the series somewhere.  I finally decided that jjewell.com was where they were born, jjewell.com is where they should dwell.  So I’ve retroactively posted all the NAT updates here.

Now… between these old posts and the Wayback Machine, it’ll be days before I find time to do something useful… Start here…