Greenville, SC

Okay, I’m still at home, but the RV is in the yard and I’m getting packed.  There are several goals I have for this trip.  I want to learn how to use my camera, so I bought a bunch of film and I’m going to a lot of Natural Wonder type sites.  I want to build my collections of comic books, computers, and guitars, so I will be visiting those kinds of stores all along the way, as well as attending the largest conventions this year for comics and Atari computers (yes, some of us still own and run Atari computers).  I want to record and edit some of my songs so that I will have a usable demo tape when I get back.  And on a somewhat grander scale, I want to have some time to myself to figure out who and what I want to be after this is over with (the trip, I mean).

At the moment, I’m planning to leave either this weekend or early next week.  This has moved from my original plan of leaving yesterday or today.  The main reason for this is I’ve been having trouble getting locations in mind for the trip west, and I keep finding things I want to do as I return east.  Given that some days out west are in fact nailed down, I’m shortening the west bound trip in anticipation of lengthening the eastbound.  Right now, this is what things look like:

July 25, 26 Atlanta, GA

July 27 Nashville TN

July 28, 29 Memphis TN

July 30, 31 St. Louis, MO

August 1 Lost in the prarie (okay, _you_ find something fun in Kansas…)

August 2-4 Denver, CO

August 5 Somewhere in or around Cortez, CO

August 6, 7 Grand Canyon Village, AZ

August 8 Lake Mead National Recreation Area, AZ

August 9-17 San Diego, CA

August 18, 19 Los Angeles/San Bernardino CA

August 20-23 Las Vegas, NV

August 24 Somewhere in or around Tonopah, NV

August 25 Reno, NV

August 26, 27 Klamath Falls, OR

August 28 Newport, OR

August 29-September 1 Portland, OR

After this, things get sketchy again.  The general direction will be east, but the specifics will depend on a lot of variables I cannot foresee at the moment (like wether I find that ’63 Gibson reverse-body Firebird, or that pre-CBS Fender Jaguar, or that Comic Cavalcade #1, or that… well, you get the idea).  I’ll post more details as things get more clear.

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