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  • 2023-04-18 at 11:58 pm #5194

    Atari 800XL\256k upgrade, mojo switch

    This machine is a badass, but is flaky in a lot of ways. This is going to be my primary growing machine. Up first, Sys-Check and basic retro maintenance.

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    2023-04-22 at 12:21 am #5198

    I’ll put this here until I a: figure out what exactly is going on with the machine, and b: decide the best way to present the info. For now it’s a freeform record of what I’m doing.

    Turns out my prospective flagship 800XL, one I acquired with a 256k memory upgrade, is just super flaky: not all the keys seem to work… it doesn’t seem to see things on the SIO… sometimes its colors… wander… even into occasional black and white display. This seems to be the best place for me to start expanding my capabilities on the Atari 8bit: it’s a very usable, powerful machine, I have a couple backups to pull parts from, and I want to see what this Sys-Check thingy can do.

    Fetched the Sys-Check from the storage unit, got things connected, fired it all up… and Sys-Check says everything is cool. Now, I know everything’s not cool, but after a moment of wondering about the validity and/or authenticity of the peripheral, I tried to assess what this was actually telling me. Most importantly, the CPU, ANTIC, GTIA, and memory seem to be in good shape. I just need a different tool for the next steps… and I am remembering the SALT cartridge images I have on the AVGcart…

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