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  • 2023-07-15 at 3:02 pm #5228

    Going to post this kind of crap here rather than on the main blog. I need to write it, I’m generally in favor of having information available… but I need to realize that the “little tweaks” I think we as a society should make progress on actually represent a complete breakdown, questioning of, and likely partial rejection of what many people simply perceive as “The Way Things Are.”

    Beyond that… words are kind of my sketchpad… I need to scribble, and I want to see what I scribbled and I’m willing to take notes on the scribbles… but the scribbles are just hints and suggestions of where the final lines will coalesce.

    The first draft, as important as it may be to me at the time, does not belong on the welcome page.

    The front page needs to offer at least the choices of introductions to myself and the site; an introduction/entry point to “jjOS;” a Capitalism Capitulation page; jjBand interaction; Atari/vintage gaming and Anteroretro Computing… and what else?

    Something NeoFrugalish, comparing costs and values and worths; jjCraft; the Miami Dolphins and like you know other sporty things…

    I guess ultimately I have to address the “us or them” question.

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