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  • 2023-09-15 at 2:10 am #5282

    This may or may not be the place this kind of thing ends up.

    In trying to figure out how to organize and use my own website, I have decided to have pages/topics dedicated to specific hardware pieces and specific projects… perhaps at some level specific physical locations… and I want to be able to summarize my recent findings for others as well as remind myself where I am when I next return to this or that train of thought.

    I need a What’s New page. This should almost certainly be a WordPress “Page,” but because I’m pretty comfortable in forums and I’m positive where and/or how I would want to present the WP Page… and because I’d already started this tradition a couple months ago: until I decide of a place that’s definitely better, meta_jj/facets will be my What’s New page.

    So this topic is the firstest newest thing.

    There are also new and updated topics in both the hardware and projects forums: bad news for jjfire1 and maybe jjfire8HDa; ProPresenter on both jjMBP2 and jjHP1; starting research on FujiNet project.

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