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  • 2023-05-31 at 9:37 pm #5214

    Kindle Fire HD 7 (4th Generation)
    0092 0606 4434 0CM4

    Machine runs, I have control of the account. It will run the Twitch app well enough to display, and runs Discord well enough to see others in video chat, but apparently it doesn’t have the horsepower to send video… the video never loads for anyone else. Skeptical about Twitch being able to stream at all, much less in a valuable way.

    2023-09-14 at 9:24 pm #5274

    The machine will play Amazon Prime Video content, but the sound seems completely borked: nothing comes out of the speakers, and just a buzz in the headphone output. Discord also let me know it wasn’t recieving any mic input. This machine may not have any remaining practical uses.

    2023-10-20 at 1:27 am #5288

    Not sure what was wrong that night, but both the speaker and external sound are working fine at the moment. Presenting NFL Football on Amazon Prime, at the moment.

    It also runs the current version of Clash of Clans, interestingly enough.

    Twitch freezes trying to “Go Live.”

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