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  • 2023-01-31 at 12:48 am #5177

    So I’m working through a backlog of old devices that various branches of my family tree have abandoned, as apparently buying a new fire is less emotionally expensive than working through getting the old one fixed.

    My first success is this device, about as new a device as is in my bucket, luckily enough. I can Twitch, I can Discord. I am typing on a wireless full sized keyboard. Can’t seem to get my mini keyboard recognized.

    Found a cool app for VNC, SSH, and several other protocols which may yet come in handy for connecting to different machines of different vintages.

    This could be a great start for getting me out into the garage… non wired solution to have general connectivity as I’m poking at other things.

    2023-05-28 at 1:36 am #5211

    This device is current in the bedroom, going to try it out as the office Discord machine. bedroom@jjewell.com jj_bedroom

    2023-09-14 at 11:47 pm #5275

    Having trouble getting this guy to charge right now.

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