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  • 2023-01-29 at 12:40 am #5176

    I’ll figure out the right name later. I… need to write. I need to share, and I’ve decided to try to do that here, so this is a first draft, perhaps alcohol-soaked, 80/20 analysis of why I even have a website.

    I feel like the world got distracted by uniforms, the different generic outfits offered to us… it seems so many people, my young self included, found themselves fighting for platforms, candidates, parties, religions, causes, fads… that did not actually represent the intentions and actions we had hoped for, that had inspired us.

    I found myself particularly disappointed in what Modern America refers to as religion and politics (seems to me, when we individuals recognize our cosmic insignificance, and wonder how such a small piece can make any difference in the outside world… we start to think about our religion. And when we realize how many other individuals there are out there discovering their very own religion that n this same way, yet we must find paths to work with them to achieve results beyond the scope of an individual… then we start to think about politics.

    Unfortunately, long before we developmentally confront these “ideates religion” or “ideates politics” psychological milestones… Modern America has literally trained us in both a religion and a politics), as the institutional structure has all the earmarks of being an ad hoc rationalization of capitalist absolutism in the name of God and country.

    I see the torture of that paragraph and realize I switched metaphoric horses in midstream… again, I need to get stuff out now and edit it into sensibility later. If you followed me into the resuscitated corpse of a forum on an otherwise completely zombie site, I suggest you got what you came for. Respond with suggested improvements, you coward.

    Suffice to say, I wake up in the morning with an eye to Actions I can take… and trying to align these temporally limited Actions by the historical Aspirations inspiring them, and the revolutionary Archive they may yet create.

    I need to put more background in. The artificial intelligence this website might provide is bereft of input.

    Let’s go, me.

    2023-02-17 at 10:37 pm #5181

    I’ve been working on this system… a foundation, a structure for understanding and evaluating our place in the world. It came out of my questioning of modern religion and politics… and how so many societal arguments come down to differences of opinion in what is “good” and “right.” It came as a way to try to score myself, to rate my progress, on the path to being “better” or “more right.”

    I call it the Three As, usually referred to with the not at all confusing antonym AAA… and this is the first public step towards figuring out how to present it.

    I believe using this system to evaluate myself and others has opened opportunities for me to be more understanding and forgiving of others, to focus on the things that are truly important to me, to question things that are presented to me as Truth.

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