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  • 2023-05-31 at 12:40 am #5212

    Various Kindle Fires that are locked into kiddie mode and don’t seem to be “owned” by any Amazon profiles, anymore. By their current names, until I find a way to change them.

    Sue’s 2nd Fire
    Sue’s 3rd Fire
    Jill’s Fire

    2023-11-08 at 12:42 am #5293

    And they live.

    Think I now have seven Fire tablets of various vintage all working and responding to my account. Although a couple will no longer be considered zombies and get their own entry on this forum, there are at least a couple that remain shambolic.

    jjFire8HDb – device doesn’t charge reliably, no sound from internal speaker or headphone jack.
    jjFire7HDb – works fine, screen smashed.

    Deserving of their own entry:

    jjFire810a – Got Ralf’s old ZAGG keyboard connecting to this beast. Streams from Amazon Prime, Twitch, and Discord (live streaming still to test). Considering trying to jailbreak this guy, it’s very capable, but hindered by the limited Amazon Fire environment.
    jjFire5a – streams Amazon Prime video

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