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  • 2023-09-14 at 9:10 pm #5273

    Trying to find the best way to use WordPress and BBPress for my purposes: i want a central place I can see what I’ve been working on and where I was the last time I left it. Already put a couple in regarding the Atari 8-bits I was working on that night. Got some time at home to do, well, projects, and as is my SOP. I have started on several of them at once. When accessing this forum to keep track of it all, I realized I don’t know how I want to keep track of it all.

    Office Areas
    1. Garage: jjHP1 | jjWINXP1 | ATR256XL | Sys-Check | ProPresenter | eBay
    I want to work out here more. jjHP1 runs ProPresenter, Altirra, and Stella. I’ve got the Mackie 1202 and the ElectroVoice speakers set up as the primary sound system (with a secondary set of Bose bookshelf speakers connected to the Pioneer AV reciever). The Commodore 1702 for Atari 8-bits lives out here, the Falcon and the TT are are set up nearby and theoretically running, but I can’t really get to them easily. The Atari Video Music machine is ready for it’s integration to the system. The 7800 is running… and there’s a JVC monitor, a Sony monitr, and an ancient Admiral tv for visual outputs.
    2. Bedroom jjMBP2 | ATR320XE | ATR2520ST | FujiNet | ProPresenter | eBay | Reaper
    Mostly working with ProPresenter, and OBS and Reaper, and general network administration from the Mac. The biggest thing with the XE is to get FujiNet connecting to

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