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    A quick success… using an old Casio keyboard we had lying around, I was able to input and output MIDI to Cubase. Baby steps.

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    The first thing I want to do is get output from the Falcon, particularly Cubase and/or Logic, out to the audio system.

    First trying the Cubase 2.06 installation on the HD. Hardware Setup screen seems to identify the Falcon Analog 8 and Falcon Digital Interface connected… there are input and output tracks already defined. No luck opening a saved file so far… what I can find seem to be looking for addition files on a drive that doesn’t exist.

    Guess that leaves the next step as research… find some docs, attach some cables, and get sound in and out.

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    So, approaching half-way through 55, how are we doing?

    It’s a mixed bag, in all fairness. There are some areas where I’ve moved forward notably… other areas where inaction has merely allowed to the world to scurry off in different directions.

    You have to start where you are.

    Where I am, as it so often happens when I finally get around to writing something, is up by myself late night and half in the bag. Trying to grab hold, trying to set the foundation.

    So, just for myself: setting out to replace our broken systems; Do Things Right, Make Things Better, Share Things Well; understand religion and politics; Forgive All, Do No Harm, Work For Good, Help And Share; continually find motivation for myself and others; Flow, Grow, Show.

    Flow with the cycles, grow on the inclines and the plateaus, show your capabilities to the benefit of yourself and others.

    I’ve been on a plateau. I’ve set up an impressive camp here, it would seem… impressive enough, anyway, to see me lallygagging on my way to the next incline.

    I suspect writing is a big part of my next incline… thus, here we are. I’ve got a logjam of ideas to present, and it’s only going to move by starting to poke at some logs. The most prominent visible logs are music (I am practicing regularly again with the express purpose of creating a playlist for public performance this year), home improvement (whether it is to improve our current conditions, or prepare this house for sale, attention to the physical environment is imperative), and self-improvement, in particular through the lenses of my new religion and new political party (most specifically, packaging the tenets and background for wider consumption, discussion, and refinement).

    I am looking into new ways to present myself and my ideas, methods, and systems. I am searching for ways to leverage our ever-more-ubiquitous digital life to benefit our plain old regular lives. I am trying all avenues to communicate with everyone who has a stake in our living together.

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    One more addition to the family, I’ve recently purchased an AVGcart, and started to get it running. In particular, I have succeeded in getting the desired setup of a large “hard drive” on the FujiNet mounted to D5, booting SDX 4.49 from the AVGcart, with a physical floppy attached containing CONFIG.SYS and the fnctools. Boot the machine, one command, and I’ve got my Last Word setup in place.

    I think I want to continue my thoughts in an AVGcart post…

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    So, the first issue is that the WiFi connectivity, where I have room for Atari machines, is not great. Trying to run from network resources over FujiNet kept failing on me. I set up a TNFS server on my Mac to eliminate remote server issues… but it appears to simply be the WiFi connection is not stable long term to depend on it for daily operation.

    The SD card stuff has been working great, so I’m running with that: I’ve got a giant 16 meg image to use as a “hard drive,” and I’m copying over ATRs of the necessary goods: LW, SI, Flickerterm have made it so far.

    Next step is setting up my working environment. Although there are obviously situations where I will need to reboot from ATR for a specific program, in general, I will probably be using SpartaDOS X. First things first, FujiNet does not play well directly with SDX, which grabs hold of the computer’s workings before FujiNet gets a chance to. For now, the workaround around is a a command that you run under SDX that mounts all the previously determined disk slots from the FujiNet.

    There is a possible issue in that I don’t own one of the fancy new multi-carts, so I’m running an OG copy of SDX 4.20 from my cartridge that I’ve had since the 80’s. SDX has had the great fortune of being worked on to the current day, and I fear that not having access to modern versions 4.4+ may have an impact on performance, if not capability.

    My next step is to get FMALL.COM onto a physical floppy… and boot SDX with FujiNet and two real drives… using CONFIG.SYS and FMALL.COM on floppy to get to FujiNet under SDX.

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    Got my FujiNet a couple days ago, which changes some priorities on this machine (This is code for I’m not trying to learn my second high-powered A8 word processor, now that I have access to TLW on this guy).

    First step, getting the FujiNet installed and connected went as expected: I went ahead and disconnected everything else from the machine, plugged in the FujiNet, and it start it’s process to connect to the WiFi. Most difficult part of this process was finding my WiFi password.

    Second step was getting the SD card mounted… pretty straightforward, load the card, use FujiNet’s CONFIG screen to create a virtual disk file on the SD card, and follow the prompts to “load” the “disk” to an emulated Atari drive. I created a couple regular old 90K Atari disks, and one 16mb file that’s everything the various software configurations I’m aware of support.

    Accessing those virtual disks has another step, the system understand they are some type of floppy disk, but it doesn’t know what type or exactly how to talk to them. They must be formatted in some sort of Atari DOS format to be read by the real Atari underneath. The regular old 90K disks can be formatted with most any AtariDOS 2.0 or beyond, but the 16m disk takes special tools to utilize properly. I use SpartaDOS X.

    In particular, at the moment, I use SpartaDOS X 4.20, because that’s what on my original cartridge. I don’t yet own one of the several fine cartridge-to-SD emu-venters, but I suspect I will, soon. SpartaDOS does a lot of powerful things, but it performs its magic by taking hold of the Atari’s boot process pretty early in the game… earlier, it turns out, than FujiNet does. So getting to the FujiNet CONFIG page is… challenging (impossible? the creator seems to refer to a way it could happen, but the way he went to the trouble of writing a series of programs to not force anyone to actually have to use this still unknown to me method is telling). Long story short, set up FujiNet without the SpartaDOS X cart inserted to get the drives set up where you want them, then restart the computer with the SpartaDOS cartridge inserted and do some command line voodoo to get SpartaDOS to “see” the FujiNet resources.

    I’ve got the fnctools copied to my giant virtual disk, next I want to get TLW installed and running, create a SpartaDOS config file to set up the extra memory in this machine as a RAMdisk… then start playing with terminals.

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    Just starting to open this up and get more input. Ralf has already started architecting, in addition to my own construction.

    We approach an existential question with the impending release of 1.17. The venerable roots of jewellcraft are showing, and many of the new and nifty items aren’t spawning in this world… at least until someone walks a long way in a new direction. I thought there was a program called WorldEdit with which I might be able to load my current map, edit out a bunch of “in between” chunks, and then respawn those areas under 1.17… but it seems that WorldEdit, if it ever was the thing I thought it was, is now something different with a different focus.

    So the Call To Action, anyone know of a utility to edit a world map, specifically deleting areas, with the intention that the map be reloaded and continued under 1.17?

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    Contact jj through your preferred method for IP address of the server.

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    Fertilization perhaps begetting a sprout, here, let’s consider Where To Start with neocapitalism.

    My basic problem, in every job that where a problem came up, was that the employer expected me to do something unethical, inhumane, or oftentimes even outright illegal, in the name of profit. There are even a couple of stories where I’ve changed my outlook on what is “unethical,” along the way. But ultimately it comes down to my sensation that these people would ultimately bury me if that would pay off for them in the end, in some fashion.

    I find I can’t trust many Americans, when their allegiance is so demonstrably toward the dollar over principles of morality and living as a social creature. But I also find I can’t hold them directly and individually accountable for some “failure” on this measure, as deciding to make the best of the system presented to you sure seems like a valid survival tactic.

    So I understand. But I still wish more people were more bothered by these problems. In my mind, the obvious reason more people don’t leave jobs that don’t serve them is that they see no other alternative. I am currently my only employee, but even now I am building everything I do with the intent of attracting and keeping employees, of creating a place where people want to come work.

    As far as what huge changes, dramatic reversals of course, and black and white lines of demarcation between the old way and My Way, I got nothing. I’ve come to the conclusion that’s it’s more complex than simply finding some set of rules to enforce, some collection of switches that need to be turned on or off and walked away from. Plucked from another part of my life, I picture these things as a music mixing board of dials and groups and levels… I don’t have a list of things to always or never do, I have a set of options that can be adjusted to best meet the changing needs of life.

    Alright, that seems to be the brain dump for now. Baby steps.

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    Moving some thoughts and plots forward, I’ve been thinking about the ways I want to improve my archive. In large part, is the representation I have of my archive, currently. And it needs shaping up. My current plan is start updating my interest pages to be better introductions to the data linked. I’m also starting a jjprojects forum as a holding spot for notes on various things I want to get to.

    There are grander plans I have in mind that involve reaching people, I have to start giving people a reason to come here. In some ways, I’m starting with myself; what can I do to make this site more a part of my regular habits.

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    -jjATR600XL-b SRAM upgrade (lotharek $17)
    -jjATR600XL-b UAV upgrade (TBA $30)
    -SIO2PC setup (lotharek $22)
    -jjATR800XL-b video troubleshooting, cleaning
    -jjATR800XL-c resurrection
    -jjATR1050-a mech troubleshooting
    -jjATRMegaSTe keyboard cable replacement (BEST $16)
    -jjATRFalcon-a hard drive replacement (BEST CF4 $60)
    -jjATRFalcon-c resurrection
    -jjANTRET-Altirra setup
    -jjANTRET-Atari800MacX setup
    -jjATR CD-ROM drive resurrection

    -Cubase input to Reaper
    -record single

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    Updated the setlist to reflect current work. Establishing a solo setlist for acoustic.

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    Just a quick bump that this world is still going. Starting to map it for online documentation. MCMapLive doesn’t seem to have been updated in a while, anyone know of a good Minecraft mapping tool for Mac OS X?

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    I think I read it in a Fletch novel.

    “Pretend to be good always, and even God will be fooled”

    I’ve always liked this quote. Invariably, people react poorly to it, almost always centering on the “fooling God” as being reason enough to toss the thing out wholesale.

    Before I go into my own thoughts, what is your initial reaction to the suggestion “pretend to be good always, and even God will be fooled?”

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    Update on the Atari spenlunking process. Found the stash of 1050s, got “my drive,” my original 1050 up and running for testing. The 800XL pictured above seems to have an SIO issue, it’s not reading drives right now. Among my 8bits is a 256k 800XL, and I’ve got it running to further test things. 256XL and 1050-a formatting again

    So here’s the garage workstation at the moment… or technically, about a half an hour ago, as what I was copying was the SpartaDOS 3.2 disk that came with the MIO. Although that didn’t yield immediate results, it did make me think of my SpartaDOS X cartridge… and now the 256XL is booting, reading floppies, and creating RAMdisks on MIO drive 6.

    256XL with MIO, BobTerm, and Text-Pro

    The last time I turned that guy on to actually do something, that’s almost certainly what it looked like booting up.

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